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Below are lyrics to some of the tracks on Smoke.

"Want You To Know"
Lyrics by Craig Weldon

Got up with a smile on my face
One that was put there by you
It's strange to think of the days
Must have been so bored before I met you
Well it hit me on the way down the road
There's a reason I've got somewhere to go
Don't think I've said before
But there's something that you should know

I want you to know
I love you so
Got you on my mind
And I never want to let you go

I want you to know
I need you so
Got you on my mind
And I never want to let you go

I know that you like me
And you know that I'm fond of you
But things have got serious
That's why I'm saying this to you
Well there's things I've been meaning to say
And it looks like today is the day
From my heart to yours
I wouldn't have it any other way

"Song In 3 Parts"
Lyrics by Simon Alexander

Here it comes again another sucker punch
Didn't see it coming but I had a hunch
Thought that I had made it through
But now I'm dazed and confused

Seconds out, times in again
Time's your enemy it's never your friend
Got to fight to stay ahead,
Or you'll wake up dead

Well I can still feel, but I feel numb
I feel old but I'm still young
Yesterday's tomorrows they don't come

"Dumb Little Box"
Lyrics by Lee Kirk

Bruises too soon...
paint your features on canvas
That still-pose...
freaked out all my brothers"

"Thinking About Yesterday"
Lyrics by Gary Marshall

Things don't really matter like they used to do
I can't sleep at night but I don't think of you
Remember back when I had so much to lose
So much to prove

But I still keep your letters in the back of my room
I've still got those faded pictures of you
Told myself for so long 'cause I wish it was true
I should be over you
But I'm thinking about yesterday

Used to be so special, used to walk so tall
Used to tell myself that I could have it all
But I used to come running every time that you called
You made me feel so small

Lyrics by Michael Coll

Walking alone, I think it's you I see
Now that you're gone, there's nothing left for me
I'll wait for you, for no-one else I care
Here in the dark, can you hear my prayer?
Leave me alone, I don't need this pain
I have no home, a man without a name

Falling, falling without you
Leave me alone, I don't need another friend

Driving around, you were on my mind
Alone in my room, wishing to turn back time
Remember that night? how can I forget?
Leaving you there, is something that I regret
I had a chance, for that at least I'm blessed
When I am a star, please be my special guest

Don't want your sympathy,
Don't want your sorrow,
Leave me alone, I'll be okay tomorrow.
Don't want your sympathy,
Don't want your sorrow,
Leave me alone, I'll be fine tomorrow.

"Eugene's New Gene"
Lyrics by My Legendary Girlfriend

I have to admit I'm bored
Another baby on the drawing board.
Every day the phone rings
and they ask the same things.
Can you give it blue eyes and blonde hair?

Kids today are not what they seem.
Cos we've been re-arranging their genes.
But Mom and Dad have no brains,
so they all look the same.
We gave them all blue eyes and blonde hair.

How much did you pay?
For your new kid's DNA.
So sad but it's true -
at least they won't take after you.

Cloning technology sells.
Nobody wants unfashionable cells.
It's not that we're playing God,
we just give them what they want.
And they want blue eyes and blonde hair.

Oh the world of fashion, it can be so cruel.
We've been told that this year (red hair's not/freckles aren't) so cool.
Oh no.

Lyrics by Squander Pilots

Sitting tight, in skin tight, under pale blue moonlight
All alone on cold stone by the fountain in the square, this can't go on
He needs hustle, don't give me trouble, get here on the triple double
Why's he keep coming late, making me wait, in the same old place?

Oh, no, 'cause she said it's so
I've thrown another TV through the window
It's all black and white when all we do is fight
What's going on?

What's forgiven is forgiven
So get busy dying or get busy living
We've got to decide what we want from each other now

She brings me sunshine, brings me rain
Feeds me sugar insane
Aint tasted, something sweeter
Romeo lost his mind to Lolita
She's the pill that I'm taking in
She deludes and intoxicates
Oh, my medicine
Left her mark deep within
Voodoo girl's in my dreams
Fire and wine, says she's mine
For how long this time?

For how long this time?
Is what I find myself asking
He says sorry for mistakes he was making
We're just fighting then healing
But is that all we have?
Vicious circle comes round again
Laughing as it passes
He feeds me sugar insane

Lyrics by Caireen Harrison

I know you're not sure either,
if you matter or not.
Does she know what you say to me?
I'm touched by your infidelity.

We're guarding, our options open,
Safe bets we cover our tracks,
Those tiny clues you give away,
It all seemed to happen so fast.

So long since I had the option,
I dare not believe what they say.
This could be my imagination...
Your infidelity.

"Cargo Bay"
Lyrics by Stuart Gillies

I could go out
but its cold outside
leave footprints in the snow
impossible to hide