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November 2009: The Yummy Fur are BACK. Reformed band announce US gig dates...


Welcome to the Yummy Fur website

The Yummy Fur were a Glasgow based art-rock group who existed between 1992-99. Throughout their existence they were led by vocalist/guitarist John McKeown, with a host of collaborators and co-conspirators over the years.

The band have recently reformed and are set to make their first live appearance in the USA, with some gigs scheduled for January 2010. They're also planning a "Best Of" compilation. More information at Pitchfork.

Their music was rarely appreciated or understood outside of their own extended social group, yet it remains endlessly compelling and intriguing in the same way as all good art is. It is strongly redolent of the time and the place it originated in, but is able to zoom out on the world for added effect.

With this website we hope we've created a useful source of information for anyone who wants to explore the work of the band. There wasn't (and still isn't) a lot of information about The Yummy Fur elsewhere on the web at the moment.

If you've come here looking for stuff about Franz Ferdinand, you're going to be disappointed. Alex and Paul were both YF members, but FF are beyond the scope of this site. Ditto John McKeown's post-YF band, 1990s.

With thanks to John, Laurence and Band Archivist Brian McDougall.

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