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Night Club

Image: Night Club sleeve

Label#: Guided Missile GUIDE10 / Slampt SLAMPT43
Year: 1996
Format: LP/CD
Plastic Cowboy
Prole Birthday
Kirsty Cooper
Theme From Ultrabra
Republic Of Salo
Theoretically Pink
Kodak Nancy Europe
Carry On Nurse
I Am 'Cosmetic Man'
Roxy Girls
Klaxxon Education Film
Exact Copy Of H. Friendly
Sergeant Jumper
Chinese Bookie

Credits: Produced by Mark Gibbons and The Yummy Fur over two weeks in April '96, Glasgow, Scotland. The Yummy Fur are :- John, Mark, Brian & Lawrence and were augmented on this occasion by Mark G. on keyboards and Photo Smith on percussion. Two whores and a poof wailed on 'carry on nurse'. Sleeve with apologies to gay Joy-Division.
The back cover of this record is based on designs by Alfred Jarry & Bryan Ferry; the front is a floor plan for a 'club of new social type' by Ivan Leonidov.

Sleeve notes:...ers but then again, a song like ROXY GIRLS operates on a double theme 1) British class system, reporting from behind enemy lines, also romantic until subject becomes tiresome and is abandoned for 2) The Berlin Deathclub Scene (ambience more charmingly captured in I AM 'COSMETIC MAN' and also the title-track still unreleased thru sheer controversy). The only pereformance which isn't "kidding you on" is the CHINESE BOOKIE and it fears little except Brian Eno's heavy lawyers. NIGHTCLUB is our 3rd annual report with the K.N.Europe 7" documenting our 'holiday music' and DISNEY/GAGARIN being a child's sticky mess. IGNORE. These days you can't sing anything above the infantile level of our own THE PLASTIC COWBOY without feeling like a complete spaz.PTTCHAAA! Comedy permeates this record like shit ideas permeate most indie LPs. Obviously 'FILMS' real title is 'GIRLS' and yes the opening line in 'CARRY ON NURSE' is deliberate. In retrospect side two is v.rock opera/cabaret soul. That's good is it not? The first side is for 'folk that are into that kind of thing' and other infants/gig-goers. This stuff is still on the 'intimidation thru sheer melody' side and is probably closer to the late 95 - early 96 live show. The next few months will see the gradual eradication of these tunes and their replacement with 20-plus minute ballad stuff and the etc.

Kinky Cinema

Image: Kinky Cinema sleeve

Label#: Guided Missile GUIDE22
Year: 1997
Format: CD
Documentary Of A Kid
Amelia Scoptophilia
The Replica
Tracy Katz
Car Park
Male Slut
Everything's Turning To Plastic
British Sounds
The Candy Darling Show
Frankenstein A Go-Go
Mondo Coyote
Ice Cream Van
British Children On Smack
Hong Kong In Stereo
Independant Pop Song
The Walt Disney Murder Club
Cosmonauts and Carbonauts
Gimme Cigarettes
The Optical Meat Dress
Pop Art Documentary
Found a Girlfriend
Plastic Cowboy (New Wave)
Father Ubu Repents
Vanilla Minelli
Fiery Jack
Car Smash
Kodak Nancy Euro '96
I Am 'Consumer Man'
The Dummy
Monophonic Yum-Yum
Flappy Clown Gary
Cabaret Punks
Escape from Oz
Mao Tse-Tung
Eyeball Popping Madness
Yummy Fur vs The Stooges
The Monotony Song
The Yummy Tummy
Bugs Bunny
Pink Pop Girls
Amphetamine Education Movie
Our Peppermint Scene
Candy Clark
Super-8 Recording
Theoretically Blue
Saturday Night Mo-Mo
Phoning the Fundus
Brian at the Gates of Dawn

Credits: All songs by John McKeown except: TRACEY KATZ (Worthington/McKeown), SUPER-8 RECORDING (Leighton/McKeown), THE OPTICAL MEAT DRESS (Gavin/McKeown), VANILLA MINELLI (Leighton), DISCORD (Burns/Henderson/Main/Slade), POLICEMANOID (Gibbons/McKeown), FIERY JACK (Smith/The Fall), PHONING THE FUNDUS (McMorrow/McKeown).
These recordings cover the first half decade in the history of The Yummy Fur. Actual folk involved in the playing of instruments have included: John McKeown, Mark Leighton, Brian McDougall, Mark Gibbons, Paul Thompson, Lawrence Worthington, Jamie McMorrow, Marcus McNichol, Richie Dempsey, and [section crossed out] Stevey Dunbar. Guest appearances include: William Rogan, Jer Reid.
Engineering was provided by: Hubby, Alec Prentice, Aly-cat, Zorg, Mark Gibbons, John McKeown. Compiled by Gibbons/McKeown. The bad idea was all Paul Kearney's.

Male Shadow At 3 O'Clock

Image: Male Shadow At 3 O Clock sleeve

Label#: Vesuvius POMP012
Year: 1998
Format: 10"/CD
St John Of The Cross
Colonel Blimp
The Canadian Flag
Vacuum Cleaner
Young F**ks Need Fingers (CD only)

Credits: A MALE SHADOW was cast over Glasgow by THE YUMMY FUR during five rain-soaked days in October '97. It was captured by Stevie Doyle on a 16 track desk at STUFFHOUSE. Those involved included John McKeown (Guitar and Vocal) Mark Gibbons (Elec. Organ and KORG Analogue Synth) Brian McDougall (Guitar) Mark Leighton (Bass) Paul Thomson (The Drums). Additional Kung Fu on 'Department' provided by Stevie Doyle on Hammmond-synth. Sleeve by Brian (with John). Original songs by those credited greatly enhanced by additional melodies, rhythms and sheer intelligence of the other guys in the group.

See a inner sleeve detail from Male Shadow (opens in new window).

Sexy World

Image: Sexy World sleeve

Label#: Guided Missile GUIDE32
Year: 1998
Format: LP/CD
Sexy World
Playboy Japan (1971)
In The Company Of Women
British Eyeballs Ltd
Analogue People
50 Million Bees
Fantastic Legs
The Ballad Of Piggy Wings
Young Pop Things
Shoot The Ridiculant

Credits: Recorded by Stevie Doyle at Stuffhouse (Glasgow) July 1998. John McKeown (Vocal, Guitar, Bass, Synth and Vocoder), Brian McDougall (Guitars), Paul Thomson (Drums and 808 programming), Claire Gorman (KORG MS20, Hammond, Elec. Organ, Piano, Vocal and Vocoder), Mark Leighton (Bass). Synthesiser on 'Ridiculant' curtesy [sic] of Miss Lorna Goldie Lithgow. Sleeve by Brian with John and Paul. Group photo by Tony Woolgar. Thanks to Greg Leighton, Lung Leg and Mogwai for lending us the equipment.