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Elastic Jet Mission

Image: Elastic Jet Mission

Label#: Slampt SLAMPT28
Year: 1995
Format: LP
Bugs Bunny

Also featured: Pussycat Trash, Lungleg, Golden Starlet, Skinned Teen, Avacado Baby, Kid Lemon, Kenickie, Delicate Vomit, I'm Being Good, Missy X, Milky Wimpshake, Unseen + others.

See the back cover of the album (opens in new window).

Prole Life: A Souvenir Of Glasgow

Image: Prole Life

Label#: Cherry Red CDKRED001
Year: 1995
Format: CD
The Grand Monophonic Yum Yum
Fiery Jack
Typical Of Boys
All Women Are Robots
Vanilla Manelli
Cosmonauts And Carbonauts
Eyeball Popping Madness

Also featured: Pink Kross, The Blisters, Trout, Lugworm.

John on "Prole Life": The A&R guy for Cherry Red Records used to take us all out for dinner, and buy us drinks all night and stuff, and you just exploit him for a couple of weeks. We did that "Prole Life" record - they totally fucked us over. They said "we're gonna get all the bands from different towns", they paid us the minimum amount of money, they didn't do vinyl, we said we won't do this record, you can put it on vinyl, but we won't do CD. They didn't promote it or anything. But, on the other hand, they asked for all these songs so we gave them 6 or 7 songs that we weren't really gonna use for anything else, B-sides, that's where "All Women are Robots" is from, it's alright, cos it's recorded without caring so it came out quite raw, but we knocked them off really quickly, and with the rest of the studio time, recorded the "Kodak Nancy Europe 7 inch", so we got free studio time they didn't know about. They could probably still sue us.

In Spelunca

Image: In Spelunca

Label#: Vesuvius POMP001
Year: 1995
Format: 10"
Mondo Coyote

Also featured: Melody Dog, Lungleg, Sally Skull, Cotton Gum, The Manxish Boys, Hello Skinny, Starstruck.

A Fistful Of Horsepower

Image: A Fistful Of Horsepower

Label#: Vesuvius POMP005
Year: 1996
Format: cassette
Theme From Ultracar

Also featured: The Pastels, Ganger, Dump, Lungleg, Jad Fair, Dick Johnson, Starstruck, Police Cat, 2$ Guitar, Amplifier, Soapy Nelson.

Additional info: The cassette is a collection of driving-themed songs. "Theme From Ultracar" is a reworked version of "Theme From Ultrabra" from "Night Club".

Spooky Sounds Of Now

Image: Spooky Sounds Of Now

Label#: Vesuvius
Year: 1997
Format: CD
Saturday Night Mo-Mo

Also featured: Dymaxion, Blips, Jad Fair & Jason Willett, Two Dollar Guitar, Herlad, Kooljerk, Mount Vernon Arts Lab, Cylinder, Pink Kross, Mystery Dick, Amplifier, Dick Johnson, Angel Corpus Christi, Project Dark, G Mack, The Dramatics, Yo La Tengo, Supermalprodelica, High Llamas, Will Prentice.

Shared Stereo

Image: Shared Stereo

Label#: Co-op
Year: 1996
Format: 7"
Questionable Book Shoot

Also featured: Zuno Men, Collapsed Lung, Bunty Chunks, The Tiger Lillies, Heck, Kenny Process Team, FMPH, Emperor Julian, Lungleg, Gag, Prolapse

Additional info: On this record the left and right stereo channels contain different tracks, which is why they could fit so many bands on a 7 inch.

Scandalized, Traumatized, Baptized

Image: Scandalized, Traumatized, Baptized

Label#: Paroxysm Records (USA) PAROXYSM003
Year: ???
Format: 2 x LP
Young Fucks

Also featured: The Turn Offs, Complete Sentences, Golden Starlet, Deep Lust, Lucid Nation, Bald Mermaid with Deep Kiss, The Sarcastic Bitch, Wack Cat, Steak Knife, Milky Wimpshake, Red Eye, Coping Saw, Learning 2 Play, I Live the Life of a Movie Star Secret Hideout, I'm Being Good, Link - Inside, Dig Yr Grave, Small Black Pig, Small Things, Goodnite Moon, The Makeshift Conspiracy, The Vestpocket Psalm.

Additional info: The version of "Young Fucks" that appears here is the same version that appears on "Male Shadow". Each copy of this compilation came with a unique, hand-made sleeve.

Seven Unlucky Sevens

Image: Seven Unlucky Sevens

Label#: Slampt SLAMPT54
Year: 1998
Format: CD
Shrinky Dink
Pink Pop Girls
Santa Claus
Candy Clark
Hong Kong In Stereo
Mao-Tse Tung
Father Ubu Says
Frankenstein A Go-Go
The Optical Meat Dress

Also featured: Avacodo Baby, Pussycat Trash, Golden Starlet, The Yummy Fur, Unseen, Milky Wimpshake, Missy X.

Additional info:This CD is a compilation of earlier Slampt releases. The Yummy Fur tracks are the same ones that appear on the Yuri Gagarin 7 inch.

Glasgow EP

Image: Glasgow EP

Label#: Plastic Cowboy PLASTIC5
Year: 1998
Format: 2 x 7"

Also featured: Mogwai, El Hombre Trajeado, The Karelia.

Additional info:Plastic Cowboy Records is an offshoot of Guided Missile. This EP was one in a series, all themed around different cities. At the time of writing, there have been six - London, Glasgow, Liverpool, Oxford, Essex and Tokyo.

Plan Boom

Image: Plan Boom

Label#: What's That Noise (Germany) WTN012
Year: 1998
Format: CD
Fantastic Legs

Also featured: Country Teasers, Urusei Yatsura, Beatnik Filmstars, The Karelia, Bis, Vyvyan, Empress, Electric Sound Of Joy, Gorky"s Zygotic Mynci, Ten Benson, Famous Boyfriend, Ectogram, Topper, Steward, Rudolph Rocker, I Ludicrous, The Male Nurse, David Wrench, The Flaming Stars.

Additional info: The version of "Fantastic Legs" that appears here is the same version that appears on "Sexy World".

Hits And Missiles

Image: Hits And Missiles

Label#: Guided Missile GUIDE34CD
Year: 1998
Format: CD

Also featured: Bis, The Male Nurse, Donkey, Country Teasers, Lungleg, El Hombre Trajeado, Ricky Spontane, Kenny Process Team, The Karelia, Multiplex Cineman, Polythene, Gag, Morocco, Gilded Lil, The Spores, Alan Country Davidson, Dick Johnson, Lugworm, Shrug.

Additional info: This CD was a compilation of Guided Missile artists, past and present. The track "Hypermarket" is a reworked version of the "Supermarket" single.

Club Beatroot (Vol 8)

Image: Club Beatroot

Label#: Flotsam & Jetsam SHaG13.08
Year: 2000
Format: 7"
This Is Andrew Sinclair

Also featured: Olympia

John on "This is Andrew Sinclair": That wasn't a real song - it was done on Alex's computer. It's meant to be a concept single, it's supposed to be the history of The Yummy Fur in four minutes. it starts off with all samples from really early Yummy Fur demos, did into loops and then it becomes more rock, then it all goes space-age and electronic, which is basically what the band did. It's the name of some guy that we all kicked about with, who I don't think was ever a really big Yummy Fur fan, and it seemed like a funny thing to name one of our records after. He didn't know as well, we just did it as a joke.

Additional info: This was one of a series of split 7" singles on F&J. Produced in association with Apollo Recording and The 13th Note, each record featured a vegan recipe on the back of the sleeve (volume eight is Beetroot Caviar). For the record (and because I can't find anywhere else on the web that lists them all), the other in the series were:
1 Fenn/Beatroot
2 The Primevals/Swelling Meg
3 The Space Kittens/Trout
4 Mogwai/PH Family
5 Pink Kross/Radio Sweethearts
6 Lungleg/El Hombre Trajeado
7 The Karelia/The Poison Sisters
8 The Yummy Fur/Olympia
9 The Amphetameanies/Vera Cruise
Volume 4 is the most sought after (no disrespect to the PH Family, but I'd imagine it's due to Mogwai's presence).


Title Label Year Tracks
The Yummy Fur Destroy All Music 1994 17 tracks
The Edith Massey Eggsplosion (1) 1995 17 tracks
Babies In The Cockpit
view cover
Thomas Hollister 1996 Klaxxon Education Film
Ice Cream Van
Kodak Nancy Europe
Night Club
Cabaret Punks
I Am Consumer Man
British Children On Smack
Theoretically Pink
Pop Art Documentary

(1) This tape was a self-released effort, recorded for a Dutch tour. The discography on the inlay to Kinky Cinema facetiously lists the label as "Motown".

John Peel sessions

John Peel (1939-2004) was the longest serving DJ on UK radio station Radio One, and was famed for the eclectic selection of music he played. It was considered pretty prestigious for a band to be asked to record a session for his show. The Yummy Fur recorded two during their career.

Session 1

Recorded: 18 June 1995
Broadcast: 21 July 1995
Repeated: 25 November 1995
Republic of Salo
Delux Merseybeat Wig
Klaxxon Education Film
Car Park
Carry On Nurse
Country Priest
The Man with the Enormous Mother
Independent Pop Song
Yucky Food

Listen to clips from this session on Radio One's website.

Session 2

Recorded: 22 February 1998
Broadcast: 7 April 1998
Repeated: 1 October 1998
Shoot The Ridiculant
In The Company Of Women
Fantastic Legs

Additional info: "Shoot The Ridiculant" featured Paul Kearney on guitar and Lorna Lithgow on synthesiser.

Right-click on the song titles and select "Save Target As..." to download MP3s of the songs. "Fantastic Legs" is incomplete and cuts off after just over one minute. MP3s are courtesy of The Perfumed Garden blog.