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Lawrence Worthington Interview

We e-mailed some questions to ex Yummy Fur and Male Nurse drummer, Lawrence Worthington. Here are his rather cryptic replies...

1. What were your formative musical experiences/influences?

The Police recording "Ghost In The Machine" in Montserrat.

2. How did you come to join The Fur?

Too personal.

3. Any relevant impressions of the art/music social circle you mixed in?

Very realistic.

4. How did you come to join The Male Nurse, and were there problems balancing both bands?

Back off Sigmund, that's private.

5. Did you have any writing input into the Fur or Nurse music?

Just the good ones.

6. Were you happy with the level of success each group achieved?


7. There was a Yummy Fur Tour of Holland.. what were your impressions?

Bad bowels, olli bolli, couldn't even kiss my cold was so bad.

8. What were your opinions of the lyrical stance/sound worlds of the respective Yummy Fur and Male Nurse bands?

Pompous self-aggrandisement.

Due to an admin cock-up, our questionnaire didn't have a question 9, but he's answered it anyway.

I never said I could. I don't know who fucking told you that.

10. When and why did you leave The Yummy Fur?

Use your bloody imagination.

11. The Male Nurse moved down to London. Why and when and how, and what happened? Knowledge of this is thin on the ground.

Relevance of this is thin on the ground, all young men of worth seek out the high life.

12. Only 3 and a half Male Nurse singles surfaced, plus Peel sessions...is there a wealth of unreleased material?? There were rumours of an album.

10 albums, 2 CDs & a mention in Boy George's autobiography.

13. Why and when did the Male Nurse split?

Men never discuss relationships.

14. The Country Teasers carried on after. Did you re-locate again to America? What happened then?

Ben is my friend, he could have never been my wife, love of humanity, excitement over hiphop.