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Band photos

Pictures from record artwork:

Pictures taken by Toby White, during the recording of "Sexy World" at Stuffhouse in 1998:

Pictures from Toby White, from a gig played at a Glasgow art gallery in 1998:

Live shots taken at the Bull & Gate in London around 1998:

Live photos from a gig in Oxford, December 1998:

Many thanks to Roz Davies, who sent us these live pictures from early 1999.

Unused shots taken for the cover of the Glasgow EP:

Photos from the last gig, December 1999:

Two photos of Claire:

Gig posters and flyers.

Other images

Two gig setlists.

A shot of the close at 19 Roxburgh St, where John used to live (mentioned in lyrics as "Roxy St")

A portrait of John McKeown, with Jane and Maureen from Lungleg, circa 95, by Louise Marchal. More Glasgow art at http://www.louisiem.com

If you have any Yummy Fur-related pictures, please get in touch.