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Music By Walt Disney But Played By Yuri Gagarin

Image: Music By Walt Disney But Played By Yuri Gagarin

Label#: Slampt
Year: 1995
Format: 7"
Shrinky Dink
Pink Pop Girls
Santa Claus
Candy Clark
Hong Kong In Stereo
Mao-Tse Tung
Father Ubu Says
Frankenstein A Go-Go
The Optical Meat Dress

Sleeve notes: Recorded and Mixed in one day (September 94) at First Avenue Studios, Newcastle upon Tyne. Engineered by Dave on Eight-Track. Sleeve design by The Yummy Fur. Grim-faced band photo by Graham Gavin.
The Yummy Fur:
John - Guitar and Vocals
Mark - Bass
Lawrence - Drums and Vocals
GOOSEBUMP: autobiographical nightmare/
SHRINKY-DINC: grotesque rip-off story/
PINK POP GIRLS: the blueprint/
CANDY CLARK: the girl who fell to earth/
HONG KONG IN STEREO: the complete audio godari/
MAO TSE TUNG: marxist feelgood dialogue/
FATHER UBU SAYS: much loved, much hated/
FRANKSTEIN A GO-GO: defeatist fire engines abreviation/
THE OPTICAL MEAT DRESS: perplexing cannibalization of sub-girls
...what is this Yummy Fur thing? some sort of kiddie-cult or the soundtrack to a cartoon planet? Somebody saw it up close, said it was made of plastic or something, who can say? We certainly can't find it on our radios...maybe we need new radios. Posters went up with the logo (day-glo blue) and a time/place. Turned out to be an ice-cream parlour full of pre-teens. They were waiting for their Yummy Fur... awkward, angular, geeky people - how dare they play their gigs in the afternoon. Eleven minutes, nineteen songs - is this some kind of joke? The stupid journalists sprayed the band with the usual nonsense. 'Do you deny being a mere cartoon of a real rock band?' The reply: "Not entirely, let's just say we'd sooner be Elmer Fudd than a bunch of yucky food"

Kodak Nancy Europe EP

Image: Kodak Nancy Europe

Label#: Guided Missile GUIDE6
Year: 1995
Format: 7"
Documentary Of A Kid
Amelia Scoptophilia
The Replica
Tracy Katz
Car Park
Male Slut
Everything's Turning To Plastic
British Sounds
The Candy Darling Show

More pictures of the "Kodak Nancy Europe" sleeve: (pictures open in new window)
Back cover
Inside left
Inside right

Plastic Cowboy

Image: Plastic Cowboy

Label#: Guided Missile GUIDE12
Year: 1996
Format: 7"
Plastic Cowboy
Flapy Clown Disco
Chinese Bookie

John on "Plastic Cowboy":There's a bit in the middle where the entire lyric is what I thought Keith was singing in a Male Nurse song, it isn't what he's singing, and I remember checking with Ben "What is he singing" and he told us, I was like "Oh right". He said "your lyric is really good" and I thought "I'm gonna use that". It's so not what he was singing, but it fitted totally with our song.

John on the "Plastic Cowboy" sleeve:I always prefer it when a sleeve has got loads of writing on it and it's not just technical stuff, but things. Some of it is lyrics, some of it isn't, and some of it is sorta like lyrics but not totally. It's confusing and interesting.


Image: Supermarket

Label#: Vesuvius POMP008
Year: 1996
Format: 7"
The Career Saver

Here is the sleeve insert for the single.


Image: Policeman

Label#: Guided Missile GUIDE13
Year: 1996
Format: 7"
Car Crash

Stereo Girls

Image: Stereo Girls

Label#: Roxy ROX001
Year: 1997
Format: 7"
Stereo Girls
Always Crashing In The Same Car

Credits: Recorded: April 97. Hubby at Beatbox (special ears: Alex). The group Mark Gibbons (keyboards) John McKeown (guitar and voice) Brian McDougall (guitar) Mark Leighton (bass) Paul Thompson (drums and machine)
The Stereoettes: Juliet Moore and Jacqueline Cameron (The Daisy Chain)

There is a Real Player file of Stereo Girls at http://www.cyclespersecond.com/sounds/miscindie.html

Shoot the Ridiculant

Image: Shoot The Ridiculant

Label#: Guided Missile GUIDE28
Year: 1998
Format: 7"
Shoot the Ridiculant
Shoot the Ridiculant (part 2)

The version of the song used on the single is the all-electronic version that accompanies the legendary promo video.